Good Evening
I have a print on demand website & I fulfill orders through "Printify".
My problem is that I am not sure whether the order tracking ID given by them automatically gets added to the tracking field (generated by your plugin) or not.
I want this process to be automatic. Whenever Printify gives tracking number, it should automatically enter to the tracking field & also send an email update to customers.
Printify Support team said:
"Tracking for your WooCommerce orders should update automatically once tracking is available on our side, and if you've opted this feature on Woo's side."
They told me that you will have to install any plugin to enable the tracking field in woocommerce.
I'm not sure whether it will work or not after installing your plugin.
I have installed your plugin but I'm not sure whether it will synchronize with printify or not.
I asked them about this & they told me:
"So long as the plugin is managed in such a way that permissions are enabled, ideally, it should, as part of the automation process and the integration with your Woo store is to reflect the data that's being relayed with the order from Printify."
I'm not sure what type of plugin permission he was talking about.
Can you please tell if it is possible for what I'm looking for?
Thank You